Sunday, May 31, 2015

30 for 30: Prep

I can hardly contain my excitement for tomorrow! I'm so eager to begin my June journey and to start my 30 for 30 goals.

In order to prepare for my raw vegan diet, I shopped at the local farmers market to select some of my favorite fruits and vegetables that are in season in June. From the looks of my picture below, I'll be happily "eating the rainbow."

Seasonally fresh fruit and vegetables from the Santa Monica farmers market

I also tested out a raw vegan version of a dish from my favorite Montreal restaurant Aux Vivres. The dragon bowl at Aux Vivres is made with rice and tempeh, so I eliminated them for this variation and it still tasted absolutely delicious. I also tested two versions of dragon bowl sauce, recipes which I found online, but this one was the winner. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if soy sauce, nutritional yeast, and olive oil would be considered raw (my guess is no), but I don't think the raw vegan police will come after me. 

Raw version of the Aux Vivres dragon bowl

Lastly, tomorrow will be the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for Unbreakable Missy & Lori. We already have over 500 views on Episode 1 of our series, and we're thrilled at the reception thus far. For fun, I created a post on BuzzFeed entitled "7 Things That Would Be Different If Kimmy Schmidt Stayed In LA Instead of NYC." I've never written a BuzzFeed article before, so it was great to try something new. Besides, isn't that what this month of June will be about for me? June cannot come soon enough!

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