Saturday, February 9, 2013

Startup Central

As I suspected I would be, I was exhausted from a week packed with events, but it was worth it! On Tuesday, I worked the registration desk on behalf of Media Leaders at a Business Wire Santa Monica PR & Social Media Panel Discussion (see photo below).

On Wednesday, I attended a General Assembly LA event called Press Coverage for Startups: A Tech Journalist's Perspective. It was great to finally meet Lori Kozlowski there, after she and I had sent so many emails back and forth for bLife's recent article "Getting America to Check In With Itself."

Then, on Thursday, I saw my friend Espree Devora interview Clay Collins during a TechZulu Fireside Chat. Espree did a great job of making the event interactive, getting clear points across, and uncovering useful insight from Clay.

And of course, last night I went to the SiliconBeachLA Unwind, my favorite of all Silicon Beach events. In related news, Inc. just released "4 International 'Start-Up Cities' to Watch." Since I've been to two out of the four and I live in the heart of another "startup city," I found this article particularly interesting. As a dual American-Canadian citizen, I'm particularly curious to see how the startup community in Canada will evolve.

Though Canada may be learning from the US regarding startups, it seems that the US is copying Canada when it comes to postal service. The US Postal Service (USPS) recently announced that it will end Saturday mail delivery. I had gotten used to the lack of mail during the weekend in Canada, so this is really no big deal for me. I just wonder what ideas the US will borrow from Canada next. Healthcare? Subsidized education? Only time will tell!

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